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The Law Offices of Warner Mendenhall, Inc.

We are dedicated to representing whistleblowers who seek to expose misuse of governement funds. Located in Akron, Ohio we have represented whistleblowers employed in the health care, defense, railroad and forestry industries. Additionally, we have represented local and federal governmental employees who have exposed wrong-doing by government contractors, local governments, and government officials.

At the Ohio Supreme Court 2007:

Warner at the Ohio Supreme Court


Federal False Claims Cases: The harsh reality

Although the headlines spout some huge settlements against fraudsters, the reality of False Claims Act cases is that they are not easy for the whistleblowers.  After identifying a false claim, most whistleblowers complain internally.  They try to use their company hotlines or compliance processes to do the right thing.  When that fails, many whistleblowers lose their jobs.  Then they seek counsel to evaluate whether or not the issue is worth pursuing.  If it is, and a case gets filed, the government then reviews the case to decide whether or not to intervene on behalf of the whistleblower.  About 1 in 6 filed False Claims Act cases achieves government intervention.  What happens with the rest?  Most of those are dismissed as many relators and their counsel lack the resources to proceed with the case without government intervention.  Even when the government intervenes, most cases settle for $2 mil or less with about 16.5% going to the Relator.  Even faced with the harsh reality, most whistleblowers want to proceed with doing the right thing.  If that is you, we are here to help. 


Warner Mendenhall has:

Filed suit on behalf of local whistleblowers who exposed the misuse of federal dollars at the local level.

Filed suit and assisted whistleblowers seeking to inform the federal government about misuse of Federal Funds in federal programs.

Filed a Freedom of Information Act case against the U.S. EPA, DOE, and Military to force them to reveal documentation of illegal radioactive dumping in Uniontown, Ohio.  Coleridge v. U.S. Army, ND of Ohio

Assisted many local political candidates throughout Northern Ohio seeking to reform local government.

Defended the campaign finance reforms passed by Akron voters. 

Served two terms on Akron City Council where he challenged the legality and constitutionality of City Council's actions, even when faced with overwhelming opposition by entrenched politicians.

1998, JD - University of Akron

1996, MA - Political Science, Kent State University

1985, BA - Political Science, The University of Akron

1983, Attended La Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia

Married, 3 children, born 1962, lives in an old house in Akron's West-Hill neighborhood.
Fluent Spanish speaker




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