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Whistleblowers Unite!
warner mendenhall - Wed May 07, 2008 @ 02:25PM
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A large group of whistleblowers, including a number of successful qui tam relators, have joined forces to organize a series of events in D.C. for the week of May 11th. All whistleblowers are invited!
If your clients are in D.C. that week, please encourage them to attend. However, the organizers of the event stress that folks need to register ASAP at this site:

Of particular note, I direct your attention to Tuesday's events at the Washington Court Hotel:
8:00   Breakfast & Sign In
9:00   Office of Special Counsel Forum (GAP and OSC Watch co-sponsored)
10:00  Judicial Oversight (Mike McCray and Zena Crenshaw)
11:00  False Claims Act: Protecting Those Who Fight Fraud (TAF Sponsored)
12:00  Lunch & Keynote Speakers (General Charles Henry & Mike Behn)
1:10   Mentoring Initiative Dr. Janet Chandler and James H. Holzrichter Sr.
2:00   Life After Whistleblowing (Joint Presentation by Patrick Burns & Tom Devine)
3:00   The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Ethical Solutions John Schilling and Kevin McDounagh)
5:00   Book signing by John Schilling
Comments: 3


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